FAQ - Publishers

What is CatholicAdNet?

We are a bid-based, programmatic ad network connecting family-friendly advertisers with Catholic publishers. We reach millions of users per month and have over 300 of the world's top Catholic websites in our network. We use a variety of technologies to target and optimize ad campaigns for our advertisers and gain effortless revenue for our publishers.

What exactly does CatholicAdNet do?

Simply put, we make it easy for Catholic publishers and site to make extra money on their site by allowing relevant ads on their site. For advertisers, this means targeted exposure to your audience. Easy money for you, more eyeballs for them. Win/win. 

What kinds of ads will appear on my site?

We have a network of Catholic, Christian and family-friendly advertisers that are trying to reach your site's audience. We manually screen each and every ad that comes through our system for inappropriate content, so you know your ads will be clean no matter what. You can choose to allow any ad in our network to appear on your site, or you can customize if you'd prefer only Catholic, only Christian, etc. 

How long will I need to keep ads on my site?

You're in complete control of the ad units on your site. Add or remove them at any time in your custom CatholicAdNet dashboard. However, once you remove the units from your site you will no longer receive revenue. 

What does it cost?

For publishers, nothing. All you have to do is paste the ad units on your site to allow ads to appear and watch your revenue grow.