FAQ - Advertisers

What is Catholic AdNet?

We're a bid-based programmatic platform connecting advertisers and small businesses with Catholic publishers. 


Simply put, we help advertisers like you receive targeted ad impressions from the highly-engaged and under-served Catholic community.

We have more than 300 of the world's top Catholic websites in our network, many of whom we work with exclusively. 

What does it cost?

 With our self-serve platform, you have complete control over what you spend with us. Through our network, you'll be able to specify your maximum daily budget and CPM. 

We also offer customizable monthly packages for a more hands-off experience. Contact a member of our team today and let us help you design a plan that works for you. 

How long will my campaigns run?

That's totally up to you. Our networks operate on a month-to-month basis, and we do not have any exclusive contracts with our advertisers. You can start, stop, increase or decrease your campaign at any time. 

Where will my ads be seen?

We have more than 300 of the world's top Catholic publisher sites in our network that we work with individually, giving you the opportunity to be seen by millions of Catholics around the world.

You can choose to be seen on any of the sites in our network, or you can customize to be seen on only Catholic, only clean, or only family-friendly sites.

Do my ads need to advertise a Catholic-specific product or service?

Nope. We welcome ads from any business or brand looking to reach the Catholic community. All we ask is that your ads are clean and don't conflict with the values of our publisher sites. 

How do I get started?

Click Apply Now below to create your free Advertiser account. Once you're approved, you'll be ready to load your ads and begin your campaign.

If you have a question we haven't addressed, feel free to fill out an inquiry on our contact page, or contact us directly at advertising@cleanmedia.net or (859) 429-7075.