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Local Precision Targeting

CatholicAdNet enables you to target small and large geographic areas, allowing you to reach your customer’s devices in your neighborhood, your state, your region or the world. 


Top 400 Catholic sites

CatholicAdNet's curated publisher network allows small businesses to advertiser directly to Catholic customers on the world's top Catholic sites. 

Brand Safety

Protect the integrity of your business by controlling the places you appear and the people you reach.


Advanced Catholic Targeting

We offer exclusive advertising opportunities on Catholic websites, so you'll be able to target your ideal customers better than using other online advertising platforms.  

Hands-off Advertising

Let us do the heavy lifting. You run your business, we'll focus on connecting you with the right customers.


Catholic consumers mean business


1 in 6 Americans are Faith-Based Consumers

That's 17 percent of the population, or 41 million Americans that feel strongly about supporting businesses that share their values and beliefs.


Catholics spend $1 trillion each year

Catholics represent around half of the Christian population in the U.S.,meaning that Catholic faith-driven consumers offer an annual spending power of more than $1 trillion in the U.S. alone. 


Untapped audience segment

The Catholic consumer is inundated with messages not catered towards them,  meaning messages and brands that align with Catholic values are more likely to be heard and supported.

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We have exclusive relationships with some of the top Catholic publisher sites in the world. Here's a snapshot.

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